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eSports Cruise To Set Sail


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On October 20, the Gamer Gauntlet will set sail from Port Canaveral with a wide variety of special guests from the gaming industry on board.  Organizers confirmed that Marvel Vs. Capcom pros Yipes and Persia would be hosting their own tournament on the cruise while other fighting game stars like PR Balrog, Snake Eyez, Master and Vanessa Arteaga would also be on the ship. Perhaps the biggest announcement of the week, however, came when Echo Fox’s Justin Wong confirmed that he would also be setting sail on what has now been deemed #CruiseCon.

For four days an entire Royal Caribbean cruise ship will be packed with gaming tournaments, full immersion gaming rooms, cosplay contests and other sources of entertainment that are catered specifically to the gaming community. While there have been gaming groups and conventions hosted on cruise ships in the past, this will be the first time an entire chartered U.S. cruise will be setting sail as a trip dedicated solely to creating a video game-lover’s paradise out at sea.

So while you will still have the option to spend four days getting spa treatments or hitting the rock climbing wall, guests will also have the option to watch Video Games Live perform, attend a special event for women in tech and gaming, try out Microsoft’s HoloLens, experience new VR technologies, dance the night away at a cosplay party and mingle with some of the biggest eSports stars around.

More Sweet Reads April 1, 2017 @ University of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign​​


April 1st, 2017, bibliophiles, book artists, and food lovers around the world gather to celebrate the book arts where participants create an “edible book,” which can be inspired by a favorite tale, involve a pun on a famous title, or simply be in the shape of a book (or scroll, or tablet, etc).  All entries will be exhibited, documented, then EATEN!  Photographs of all edible books will appear in the Edible Book Festival gallery.

The Champaign-Urbana Edible Book Festival is sponsored by the University Library and Common Ground Coop, and supported by the generous help of campus and community volunteers and prize donors.

Image of a catcher in some rye on a cake

Best Collaborative Creation,

Catcher in the Rye, by Cathy Blake and Craig Evans


Image of a cake of Alice in Wonderland book

Alice in Wonderland
Created by Shilpi Saxena

Image of flower ball

Flower Ball
Created by Jen-chien Yu and Adelaide Kota



Sweet Reads


  Rutherford Public Library hosted the third annual Edible Books Festival competition that offered bookworms a creative sweet venue to illustrate their favorite books and characters in a sweet way.

The event was a fundraiser sponsored by the Friends of the Library of Rutherford. Contestants competed for $50 prizes, while gift baskets of donations from local businesses were raffled. As visitors examined each confectionery delight, contestants discussed how their imaginations guided their designs.

Retiree Jan Livingston won Best Depiction for “Alice in Wonderland.” She decorated cookie squares that featured images of the chapters of the book she loved as a child, including a deck of cards swirling, the Cheshire cat and a Mad Hatter – all held together by licorice sticks.

Several people turned out to view the edible creations

The Magic School Bus Gets Baked In a Cake by AileenRenee Ton Vu and her daughter Serena of North Caldwell



Free Comic Book Day May 6, 2017


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