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Expedia Accepting Bitcoin Payments

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Expedia has announced that it will now accept Bitcoins for hotel payments. Expedia customers can find and select Bitcoin as a payment option at check-out along with all other methods accepted on its website, including all the major credit cards, Discover, JCB, Diners Club and PayPal. When using bitcoins for reservations,customers indicate this as their method of payment at the appropriate prompt and then follow a few more steps to complete the transaction.



Overstock .com Passes 1 Million In Sales From Bitcoin Orders

corporate office2_001 has surpassed $1 million in sales generated from Bitcoin transactions. The retailer partnered with Coinbase on January 9 to let consumers purchase items with the digital currency. The average order size for a Bitcoin customer ($226) was 34 percent greater compared to customers paying in USD ($168), and over half of all customers paying in Bitcoin were new to (58 percent), having never purchased goods from the site before.

Likened To A Bitcoin Is Canada’s Mint Chip

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 MintChip was first launched in April 2012, just days after federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced the penny’s days were numbered, and introduced as a potential way for consumers to digitally exchange money in small denominations, in transactions of about $10 or less.

It could be used instead of cash to buy a coffee or fast food, and online it was envisioned to enable easy transactions for things like buying music, news articles, or add-ons for video games.

Consumers could use MintChip with a mobile device at a cash register or send money with a text message, email or potentially a social media message.

Marc Brule, the Royal Canadian Mint’s chief emerging payments officer said “We call it a digital cash-like product and we like to dub it as a product that’s been architected for the 21st century” .

“I think one of the target markets or demographics for a product like MintChip is the digital native, the millennials who grew up with the Internet and grew up with digital-type products.

“This will be just another arrow in their quiver in terms of ways of paying (for their purchases) that will be easy and fast.”

It seems that he rise of BitCoin, a digital currency system still in its infancy is gaining in popularity, and has helped, not hurt, MintChip’s chances of getting fully developed. The next step for MintChip is further testing of implementation within the Royal Canadian Mint. External testing is expected to be launched later in the year.


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