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Google has launched a new visualization called Inaugurate, and the author is Jan Willem Tulp.


Data Visualization On The 115th Congress After The 2016 Elections


This data visualization views the changes to the new U.S. Congress after the 2016 elections.

Such as 

1.What happened to the Senate?

2.In the People’s House

3.How big is the victory for GOP?

4.Key races contribute to the GOP victory.

5. A GOP Congress

View Here


Bing’s Political Index


Bing’s Political Index compares candidates’ stances on top political issues with that of the American public. You can calculate your Bing Political Index (BPI) score and compare your opinions on top political issues with the presidential candidates and the American public.


Bloomberg’s Visual Data- Gas Prices Across The Globe


Run your mouse across the colored lines to view how much they’re paying for  gas across the globe

View Here

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