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Rare Comic Books Go To Auction In New York City


Berk’s collection of more than 18,000 books and 300 pieces of comic-book art goes on display March 11 at the Metropolis Gallery in New York City. He will then sell it off during an online auction at that begins May 15, 2017

Free Comic Book Day May 6, 2017


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Black Panther -July 6, 2018

T’Challa, prince of Wakanda, must rise to take the mantle of the Black Panther after his father, the king, is treacherously killed.

UpComing Marvel Movies


An incident leads to the Avengers developing a schism over how to deal with situations, which escalates into an open fight between allies Iron Man and Captain America.

 Release Date May 6, 2016

                    The Feud Between Captain America & Iron Brings A Civil War


1) Captain America
2) Hawkeye
3) Falcon
4) Scarlet Witch
5) Ant-Man
6) The Winter Soldier


1) Iron Man
2) The Vision
3) Spider-Man

4) Black Widow
5) War Machine

6) Black Panther -Neutral

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