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Fashion Styles That Have Played Out

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Tired Of That Boring Dull Dark Drab Look ?

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Are you lacking fashion trends? Can’t quite match up your threads? Clothes sort of look dull, drab and boring? Well There is CLUISE your personal shopping assistant. Cluise is a free APP you can download from Google Play to assist you.  This APP can assist you in your closet pick for summer, winter fall and spring.

Smart Clothing


Take a look at whats new in clothing

Biosensing Silver fibers are woven into the shirt providing biometric data into you smart phone, tracking distance, calories burns, stress etc. Improving blood circulation and muscle recovery

Wearable Technology

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Xilluminated Footwear

Haute Couture:Lions, Tigers and Cougars Oh My- Aw Git It Girl

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3D Printed Fashions

Although 3D-printed haute couture garments have been working the catwalks, the real breakthroughs in printed clothing will come from more practical and subversive quarters. image is by Petrovsky & Ramone

The biggest development in 3D fashions is in sportswear. Footwear designers, in particular, are sldo excited about 3D printing because it means they can offer something truly unique.

London designer Ron Arad has created a range of 3D-printed spectacles and sunglasses for eyewear brand pq

3D printing allows easy customisation of products  ideal for the fashion industry, where every customer has a unique shape and differing tastes. However there are drawbacks, Fashion designers focus on feeling or touching the material and looking at how it drapes and how it moves with the motion of the body. There  is a limited  availability palette of  materials. “3D printing was designed for engineers. There are also generational issues at work. 3D technology allows greater freedom for young designers, who are able to produce runs of a few units rather than thousands, realising designs that, previously, would only ever have existed on paper.

Sports brand Nike has unveiled the first boots for American football players with 3D-printed studs. e fitted with a laser-sintered footplate and studs. Using 3D-printing technology meant Nike was able to prototype the boot and make alterations in a much shorter timeframe than normal – it allows design updates to be made in days rather than months.
Finally, since the consumer is used to wearing natural materials, and even though we do wear nylon and polyester in our clothes, the type of drape and feel and quality that we’d expect from something that’s been 3D-printed is a long ways off.
"3D printing will infiltrate fashion through streetwear, not haute couture"

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