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Levi Jeans & Automation

Eureka Lab [Photo: courtesy of Levi’s]
A team of designers took weeks to figure out exactly where to fade the indigo and position the tears for the most authentic vintage look. Then, factory workers used sandpaper and harsh chemicals to make it look properly worn in. The jeans were probably washed for hours so that the blue color would fade out–even though those dyes would inevitably end up polluting the groundwater. It could take weeks for a team of Levi designers to figure out exactly where to fade the indigo and position the tears for the most authentic vintage look.

They now have a new laser technology that will, in a snap, do what now takes much longer. The breakthrough uses infrared light to etch off a very fine layer of the indigo and cotton from a pair of jeans, creating the same kind of faded finishes and tears in 90 seconds flat.

This new tech, which Sights will automate many new aspects of the company’s denim-making process, from the design and prototyping to the manufacturing, to catering to consumer demand.

[Photo: courtesy of Levi’s]

The company employs 13,500 workers around the world—not including those that work in third-party factories. Levi’s jeans are sold at 50,000 retailers in 110 countries. This will will mean retraining hundreds of people and changing the time it takes to get products to stores. But by introducing these laser-wielding robots into Levi’s factories around the world, it has the potential to eliminate many repetitive, dangerous tasks that are an everyday part of the job for denim workers.

[Photo: courtesy of Levi’s]

[Photo: courtesy of Levi’s]

Between 80 and 100 billion never-worn garments are sent to landfills globally every year. This new technology will shift our model from ‘sell what you make’ to ‘make what you sell,’ which will absolutely improve their overall inventory health.


Russia’s Counterfeit Culture


It appears that Russia has a thriving market for fake street wear. Russia’s fragile economy, international sanctions and low wages has kept demand for fakes alive and well. 


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H&M Should Be Ashamed & The Boy’s Parents Must Have Been Desperate Back in The Day Racist Adults & Kids Called Black People Monkeys

Why does this Child of color have to be a cool monkey?

And why is this child depicted as a survival expert?


Why not use one of these ?

Fashion Styles That Have Played Out

Snapshotblue dress_001

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Tired Of That Boring Dull Dark Drab Look ?

Snapshotblue dress_001

Are you lacking fashion trends? Can’t quite match up your threads? Clothes sort of look dull, drab and boring? Well There is CLUISE your personal shopping assistant. Cluise is a free APP you can download from Google Play to assist you.  This APP can assist you in your closet pick for summer, winter fall and spring.

Smart Clothing


Take a look at whats new in clothing

Biosensing Silver fibers are woven into the shirt providing biometric data into you smart phone, tracking distance, calories burns, stress etc. Improving blood circulation and muscle recovery

Wearable Technology

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