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Video Game Designers Are Getting Better At Creating Hair For Black Characters


This year’s E3 black character’s hair is seen as refreshing. io9‘s Evan Narcisse says in his essay for anthology State of PlayAs a black gamer, I’ve also noticed these problems, particularly for black women. A lot of black characters have permed, straight hair, or textures that aren’t quite right



Seventeen NBA Teams Will Appear In NBA 2K Esports League

The 17 Teams Are:


  • Boston Celtics
  • Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Dallas Mavericks
  • Detroit Pistons
  • Golden State Warriors
  • Indiana Pacers
  • Memphis Grizzlies
  • Miami Heat
  • Milwaukee Bucks
  • New York Knicks
  • Orlando Magic
  • Philadelphia 76ers
  • Portland Trail Blazers
  • Sacramento Kings
  • Toronto Raptors
  • Utah Jazz
  • Washington Wizards

The league will draft teams of five players to compete in a five-month season, which will mirror the NBA with a regular season, bracketed playoffs and a final championship match to wrap it all up. Players will create their own avatars for competition, so no one will be using avatars of the recognizable basketball stars that appear in NBA 2K, like LeBron James or Kyrie Irving.

The NBA is the first pro sports league to co-own an esports organization in the United States. In Europe, several soccer leagues have signed on to participate in a FIFA esports league. Earlier this year, ESPN partnered with EA for broadcasting rights of these FIFA matches. FIFA has also been chosen as one of the esports games to appear as a medal event in the 2022 Asian Games.


eSports @ The Stadiums


The NFL teamed with EA Sports last fall to host tournament games at select teams’ stadiums.

eSports consists of professionals playing a multiplayer online game competitively. Typically large groups of spectators look on from the web, community game platforms likes Twitch, apps or even broadcast TV.
The matches often include commentary, analysis, and related programming – just like a football game on TV.  The Patriots will stream the live event from the team’s website (, the official Patriots app, as well as on the Madden NFL Twitch channel.

The winner of the Madden 17 Patriots Championship at Gillette Stadium will earn the right to represent the Patriots at the Madden 17 Club Series Championship, a Premier level event, where you will play against the winners representing the other participating NFL teams including the 49ers, Bills, Chiefs, Jaguars, Seahawks, Steelers and Vikings.

Winners from each market will compete at the Madden 17 Club Series Championship in April. It has $50,000 prize pool. These games provide players a chance to qualify for the more lucrative 2017 EA Sports Madden Championship in May.

The Madden NFL 17 Championship Series -which includes all qualifying tournaments and the final competition – will offer a total prize pool of $1 million.

New Technologies Super Bowl




Intel installed 38 5K cameras high above the field at NRG Stadium in Houston, bolted onto the building’s metal structure. Pointed downwards, these cameras operate more like sensors, feeding visual data back to a rack of servers elsewhere inside the stadium. These servers can digitally reconstruct the 3D world of the game, representing real objects using 3D pixels, known as voxels. To reduce the data processing load—around one terabyte for a 15 to 30 second clip—during a game many of the features inside the stadium, including the field itself, are pre-rendered by the servers. Only moving objects like the players need to be added in real time.

The Patriots, who faced the Atlanta Falcons, are one of six teams now using a VR training system designed by Palo Alto startup StriVR. Others include the Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, and Arizona Cardinals. The system, inspired by work done at Stanford’s VR lab, uses 360-degree video to put players—primarily quarterbacks—through their paces, with less physical risk and wear-and-tear than on-field practice, and more interactivity than just watching game video.

Research shows that seeing real humans in action helps the brain refine its timing and stay focused. And because football is based on coordinated plays with fixed timing (at least in theory), rote repetition helps program players’ muscle memory.

Intel’s 360 video system allows a ‘virtual’ camera to recreate a first-person perspective by compiling film shot from a variety of outside angles. If teams could get access to the full feed of game cameras, they could give QBs virtual run-throughs of past real games, even if there was nobody on the field wearing a 360 camera.

Tostitos Creates A Chip Bag That detects Alcohol On Your Breath


In an effort to raise awareness for responsible driving, the chip maker has partnered with Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Uber to create “alcohol sensor bags,” special Tostitos bags that can tell if you’ve been drinking.


NFL Is Putting Sensors In Their Footballs


The NFL has inserted a lightweight, quarter-sized sensor inside each football this preseason to measure actual game data as things unfold on the field.

The sensors, which rest just under the ball’s laces, can capture information like velocity, acceleration and distance, and send that info back to computer monitors in just half a second. The League has been using the sensors during preseason games this summer, but hasn’t yet decided if the sensors will be used in the regular season.

The point is for the NFL and its organizations to know every little detail, from how much players run at practice to which vendor you buy your hotdogs from inside the stadium. The sensors are like a GPS.

Treadmill Work Stations At Several Phoenix Libraries


When you come to the library, you’ll be able to walk slowly and lose some pounds on the treadmill/workstation while simultaneously surfing the web or searching for books.

The funding came from an NFL Super Bowl legacy grant, so when the NFL was here they left grants to community organizations, the library applied for one and excited to get one. The City of Phoenix is testing the treadmill desks at three libraries, they hope to add more in the future

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