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Snapchat’s Camera Glasses

snapchat glasses
Snap’s decision to recommit to Spectacles has come as a surprise, as many competitors are shifting away from smart glasses in general. Photograph: Snap, Inc.



Charge on the go
Capture up to 70 videos on a single charge. Recharge up to four times in the included Charging Case.

Russia’s Counterfeit Culture


It appears that Russia has a thriving market for fake street wear. Russia’s fragile economy, international sanctions and low wages has kept demand for fakes alive and well. 


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“Calling All Creators

adidas has united some of the biggest names in sport, music, and fashion in one room, and turned their discussion into a minute-long film titled “Calling All Creators.”

Sport pros include FC Barcelona striker Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba from Manchester United, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and Connecticut Sun forward Chiney Ogwumike. There’s rapper Pusha T and producer Pharrell Williams, while designer Alexander Wang and supermodel Karlie Kloss fly the fashion flag.

Can You See Someone You recognize?





Many of these creators also dabble in more than just their main field. Pharrell Williams runs his own fashion line, while Karlie Kloss has a TV show. Messi founded a charity organization and Pusha T is also a record label president.

Lionel Messi


Pharrell Williams


Karlie Kloss


Pusha T






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More On The Beautiful Blackamoors

Nardi. Venezia, Italy. "Moretto Albero della Vita " brooch with diamonds

Adorned with in gilt and gemstones, blackamoor figures are particularly decorative and are commonly seen as furniture, paintings, jewelry and textiles. They are typically swathed in fine robes and almost always wear turbans. Fashion and beauty icons Coco Chanel and Helena Rubinstein collected blackamoor furniture (two Venetian Blackamoors graced the foyer of Chanel’s Paris apartment. Vogue magazine editor Diana Vreeland had a famous collection of blackamoor jewelry from Cartier and Grace Kelly owned a diamond-encrusted blackamoor brooch from Nardi Jewelers of Venice .One of the Pointer Sisters’, Anita Pointer has some blackamoor pieces in her collection of black memorabilia.  Aleksandr Pushkin kept a blackamoor figurine on his desk; it reminded him of Abram Petrovich Gannibal, his great-grandfather, an African slave who became a successful Russian general and military engineer.The most famous blackamoor figure is the gem-studded Mohr mit Smaragdstufe, which translates to “Moor with Emerald Cluster” . Created by Balthasar Permoser in 1724, it is housed in the Grünes Gewölbe museum in Germany. see below

At times blackamoors are depicted as exotic noblemen, while at others such as statues, take on positions of servitude, as footmen or waiters. Their noblemen status dates to the Moorish invasion of southern Italy more than a millennium ago; their roots are steeped in conquest. However, some find blackamoor imagery to be racially insensitive because some of the statues look like servants. This dates to the European courts in which black attendants were dressed in exotic finery – and, some feel, were objectified as ornaments. This was particularly true of the court of Versailles in the 17th century.When Dolce & Gabbana featured blackamoor jewelry and clothing designs in its spring 2013 collection fashion show in Milan, the firm was criticized for being tone-deaf as to what blackamoors can represent. The firm responded that such imagery was a reflection of the Italian firm’s roots in a country in which Moors were of historic significance.

During the 18th century wealthy Venetians employed Moors as bodyguards, as they were impressed by their fighting prowess. The regal bearing of the resulting depictions seem to put these exotic immigrants in high regard; they are beautiful and are not demeaned in any way, as evidenced by this sculpture by Andrea Brustolon (photo, below). 

Blackamoors should not to be confused with emblems of American slavery, such as the more recent “Aunt Jemima” figures. To make this mistake is to make a mistake of history.

In 2011 a diamond, sapphire and gold blackamoor brooch once owned by Elizabeth Taylor sold for $60,000 at Christie’s. One look at the piece, photo left, reveals the delicacy and respect with which the piece was created by the famous Giulio Nardi, an artist of jewelry design .


Im only down with blackamoor as long as they are depicted as kings and princes !!! Cartier Oro, diamantes y turquesasBlack figure broochBust Brooch, Blackamoor Venetian Talismano

The inhabitants of the coast wore gold earrings with enamels white and black like amulets to exorcize the danger of pirates or gave to the churches as votive promises. This is for sure the primigenial blackamoor jewelry that anyway arrived in few years to the motherland.

Venetian artisans created various kinds of Moors exploring all kind of jewelry: earrings, brooches, pendants and necklaces with blackamoors in ebony usually adorned with precious stones and enamels. They love to adorn jewels upon black men and women figurines

Vtg Nettie Rosenstein Blackamoor Prince Cabochon Figural Rhinestone Brooch Pin | eBayqueen charlotte of england | Feb 12 – Charlotte, Queen of England and Ireland

A Scone (candle  holder),purchased by Louis XIV in 1684 from the dealer Le Bru m. Said to be a wedding gift from the state of Venice to Henry IV of France and Marie de'Medici in 160o LOUVRE

Egyptian revival hardstone cameo 1880"Blackamoor" Hardstone Cameo Diamond/Gold BroochA Bold Wood, Diamond, Enamel, Pearl and Gold "Blackamoor" Brooch at 1stdibs

18kt Diamond and Pearl Blackamoor | Flickr - Photo Sharing!9a01926f46bb55bbe1d91383025db954.jpg 600×786 pixelsAdditional Art of Medieval and Renaissance era Blacks in EuropeItalian, 17th century cameo  Shoteby's                                                                                                                 CAMEO ...Gioielleria Oreficeria Dogale Venezia. Moretti Veneziani, gioielli fatti a mano. Jewelry Gold Dogale Venice. Moretti Venetians,, jewels handmadebrooch by Pierre Sterlé, 1960 - peridot, citrine, diamonds and carved hematiteCarved Ebony, Diamond and Emerald Blackamoor Clip-Brooch -  Platinum, 79 diamonds ap. 1.90 cts., ap. 14 dwt.Highly Collectible Nardi Blackamoor. Italy. ca. 1950s. Guilio Nardi, founder of the renowned Venetian jewelry house of the same name, first started to design blackamoors in the early 1920s.NARDI Diamond Ruby Black Onyx Yellow Gold Blackamoor Pin Brooch | From a unique collection of vintage brooches at Blackamoor with Turban Inset Jade and Ruby Pendants Pin ClipVERY RARE Butler & Wilson Enameled & Rhinestone Figural  Blackamoor Head Brooch! #ButlerWilsonVictorian Stone Cameo Of A Male And Female Blackamoor, Rose-Cut Diamond And Gold Brooch - French.Beautiful antique Blackamoor cameo19th Century black and white agate cameo depicting a woman in profile, her earring and necklace set with diamonds and pearls, to the black enameled, textured gold and pearl surround, mounted in gold.Askew London blackamoor red glass gold-plated earrings

Image result for venetian blackamoor jewelry with jewels

Jewelry Lährm Salzburg, JeweleryNARDI Emerald Blackamoor Clip BroochVendôme - Nardi signed Moretti Brooch, made of yellow gold, fire opals, ebony, diamonds and pearls, Venice circa 1940.A ruby, emerald and diamond blackamoor brooch, by Nardi

Blackamoors were a favorite style statement of the Victorian era;Nardi Tiger's Eye Carved Ebony Gold Blackamoor Brooches 3


Exquisite Blackamoor Jewelry: A Brief History

The inhabitants of the coast wore gold earrings with enamels white and black like amulets to exorcize the danger of pirates or gave to the churches as votive promises. This is for sure the primigenial blackamoor jewelry that anyway arrived in few years to the motherland.


Venetian Blackamoor jewelry is known as the most representative example of the typical Italian skill and handicraft that takes his roots in the history of the Venice Republic (“La Serenissima”): since the 16th century the antique moors have become symbols of Venetian goldsmith tradition and still, now they’re part of our culture and legacy

Even today, blackamoors are considered the most wanted and typical expression of Venetian jewelry: testimonials of this everlasting elegance have been icons of the 20th century as Grace Kelly, Ernest Hemingway, Liz Taylor, Barbara Hutton, Arthur Rubinstein and Elton John (cit. Wikipedia)

Exquisite artwork with jewels on black-faced images


Image result for expensive blackamoor antique jewels and brooches


Google’s Smart jacket


You can grab the jacket at Levi’s website for $350, and of course, it’s not restricted to Android devices. It plays well with iOS (I tested it, just to make sure), and the music streaming and “What’s Playing” functionality works with all the top streaming services. You can download the app for the jacket over at the Play Store or the App Store.

Quantum Technology To Eliminate Counterfeit Products & Fake Goods

Image result for fake goodsImage result for fake goods

Researchers have created a unique atomic-scale identifications based on the irregularities found in 2D materials like graphene, making it possible to fingerprint them in simple electronic devices and optical tags. Because of the materials used, the small tags could be edible and coated onto medicines.

The counterfeit industry is a huge market with imports of counterfeited or fake agoods costing nearly $500 billion in lost revenue around the world annually, with counterfeit medicines accounting for nearly $200 billion alone.

The team is also showcasing the new technology through a smartphone app that allows people to check on their own the authenticity of a product by reading whether a product is real or fake.

The customer can scan the optical tag with the app that matches the 2D tag with the manufacturer’s database.

The researchers expect the patented technology and smartphone app to be available publicly in 2018.

When light is shone on graphene, tiny imperfections shine causing the material to emit light that can be measured as a signal, unique only to that small section of material. The signal can be turned into a digital fingerprint with a number sequence.

The study was published in 2D Materials.

On the other hand in another report by the European Union,  says  this

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