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BA 2K18 will arrive on September 19  Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.
For the Legend Edition, Shaq will appear in the No. 32 jersey that he wore for the Miami Heat across his three-plus year stint in South Beach. It will cost $100 and includes a Shaq poster, five Panini trading cards, some stickers, and a slew of digital content, including 100,000 worth of in-game currency, 20 weekly MyTeam packs, undisclosed Shaq items, and “more.”
The Legend Edition Gold will feature Shaq wearing No. 34 for the Los Angeles Lakers, the team that he won three straight NBA titles with alongside Kobe Bryant. Also,Gold edition purchasers will receive an exclusive Shaq lenticular print. On the digital side of things, you’ll receive 250,000 worth of in-game currency, 40 weekly MyTEAM packs, as well as the Shaq items, and the mysterious “more” content. The Legend Edition Gold will sell for $150.


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