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McLaren and Logitech G Team have come together to create the World’s Fastest Gamer, “the world’s most intense and demanding competition for virtual racers. The contest doesn’t have a big cash prize on the line or an expensive trip or anything like that. Instead, you’ll be offered a once in a lifetime career opportunity with McLaren. The winner of the contest will be given a one-year contract with McLaren to work as their official simulator driver. They’ll work with actual engineers at the McLaren Technology centre and at grand prix circuits where the company goes.

It doesn’t matter what platform you play on as McLaren plans to invite the best players on PC, console as well as mobile devices to the McLaren Technology Centre. Six finalists from around the world will be chosen and four more will gain entrance through online qualifying events. You’ll be able to watch hopeful racers compete through YouTube as well as through McLaren’s social media channels.

Ten racers will go in, one will come out with a job.


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