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There’s a new website that provides citizens a way to get artistic with their political grievances. Artifax allows constituents to fax a work of art to their elected officials, in protest of Trump’s proposal to eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts. Artifax is the brainchild of Los Angeles design studio Use All Five, which has worked with clients ranging from UCLA to the Guggenheim.


The site was launched last week featuring work by 20 artists, designers, and studios. Visitors to the website first select a work of art, scroll page down, and enter their zip code. Artifax then pulls up a list of elected officials for that district, and users can send a custom or auto-generated message to the representative of their choice. (You don’t have to print anything—the message is faxed digitally.) Eight days since launch, people some 800 faxes have been sent in total.





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