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3D printing giant Stratasys’ Infinite Build 3D printer,  is housed at Ford Research and Innovation Center in Dearborn, Michigan. This humongus machine is expected to provide Ford with a more efficient, as well as affordable way to create tooling, prototype parts and components for their products. These will initially be produced for low volume vehicles.

Ford is the first automaker to make use of this technology in their manufacturing process,  producing lighter and cheaper components for its vehicles. The automaker believes that reduction in weight of the vehicle will help it achieve greater fuel efficiency.

The Stratasys Infinite Build, the automaker adds, is seen as a breakthrough for vehicle manufacturing, capable of printing parts of practically any shape, size as well as length. This 3D printing machine is a beast and provides for rapid prototyping of components and parts for building its upcoming vehicles. This also gives the automaker control over their designs, which can be modified and instantly printed to meet their needs.

The process is similar to the usual 3D printing procedure, but everything here is automated. Once the supply or raw material for the printer runs out, the robotic arm itself replaces it with a new full one. This makes the printer capable of operating unattended for days, but do see that you have provided enough supplies.


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