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eSports @ The Stadiums


The NFL teamed with EA Sports last fall to host tournament games at select teams’ stadiums.

eSports consists of professionals playing a multiplayer online game competitively. Typically large groups of spectators look on from the web, community game platforms likes Twitch, apps or even broadcast TV.
The matches often include commentary, analysis, and related programming – just like a football game on TV.  The Patriots will stream the live event from the team’s website (, the official Patriots app, as well as on the Madden NFL Twitch channel.

The winner of the Madden 17 Patriots Championship at Gillette Stadium will earn the right to represent the Patriots at the Madden 17 Club Series Championship, a Premier level event, where you will play against the winners representing the other participating NFL teams including the 49ers, Bills, Chiefs, Jaguars, Seahawks, Steelers and Vikings.

Winners from each market will compete at the Madden 17 Club Series Championship in April. It has $50,000 prize pool. These games provide players a chance to qualify for the more lucrative 2017 EA Sports Madden Championship in May.

The Madden NFL 17 Championship Series -which includes all qualifying tournaments and the final competition – will offer a total prize pool of $1 million.


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