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The company Black Tux unveiled a new and improved fit algorithm that claims to accurately predict how a suit should be tailored, based solely on the measurements customers provide online. The secret is: machine learning, built on a robust data set accrued over the past few years. As Black Tux feeds the algorithm more data on how customers’ measurements have historically correlated with suit sizes and alterations, it gets better at predicting which cuts will work best for future customers.



The Secret To A Perfectly Tailored Suit? For The Black Tux, It's Machine Learning
The Black Tux uses machine learning to predict the perfect fit.

[Photos: courtesy of The Black Tux]

What the algorithm does for us is take the person’s height, weight, and body type in questions they answer—or a person’s self-submitted measurements and combines it with the height and weight—and then says, based on the measurements of our garments and our historical performance and fit, this is what this person is most likely to wear with X% confidence.


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