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5 Year old Ryan is the youngest star on YouTube and has the most hits. The family’s channel, Ryan ToysReview, was created in March of 2015, and at first, didn’t get many views. But about four months in, the channel published this video, and views started doubling with every  month. Ryan’s mom, left her job as a high school chemistry teacher to work on the YouTube channel full time. Ryan Toys Review  has been the most popular channel in all of YouTube.

According to a report from The Guardian, 20 of the top 100 channels on YouTube are focused on toys, collecting upwards of 4.5 billion views a month. Before Ryan stepped in front of the camera, he was a viewer.

Currently, average family can find themselves running an extremely lucrative business from the comfort of their living room. There are no such rules as in film and television that exist for Ryan’s job on YouTube. “All of the laws for child performers are regulated by state. The federal government leaves it to them,” said Toni Casala, CEO of Children in Film. “There are seventeen states which basically have basically no child labor laws around performance.” 

The Texas Workforce Commission, says “When a business is owned or operated by a parent or legal custodian, the parent or custodian may employ their own children at any age to work any hours, so long as the work is non-hazardous (not prohibited) and the child works under the parent or custodian’s direct supervision.

Ryans parents says, they post a new video every day, and typically film two to three videos at a time two to three times per week. They try not to interfere with Ryan’s pre-pre-school schedule, so a majority of the filming takes place during the weekend, and the editing takes place while he’s in school.


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