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According To the Nielsen study Black Millennials will lead the way. Nielsen study called Young, Connected and Black,  describes the black millennial in America as sophisticated, optimistic, exuberant reflective influential and bold. Moreover, they’re shaping important conversations about policy, culture, and entertainment. Possessing a combination of population growth, better education, and rising incomes, Nielsen finds that the 11.5 million African American millennials are about to bring new purchasing power to a digital world.

The study reveals:

70% of black millennials are fascinated by new technology, and they’re more likely to be the first among friends or colleagues to try new tech products

  • 55% of black millennials say they spend an hour or more daily on social networking sites, 11% higher than the total millennial population. Some 29% of black millennials say they spend three or more hours daily on social networking sites, 44% higher than that of the total millennial population.
    • They spend more time watching live or on-demand television than others; they watch video on a wider variety of devices.
    • Their sophisticated use of social media isn’t just for shopping or driving brand awareness, their online behaviors are driving a deeper understanding of the issues that impact society at large.
    • Black millennials – who are often admired but rarely paid for their online innovations – are driving real corporate change, like more diverse entertainment options.

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