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The Snoo Baby Bed


Pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp together with Swiss designer Yves Béhar (of the Fuseproject firm) and a team at MIT’s Media Lab to create a solution. Five years later,resulted in the automated Snoo baby bed.

Throughout the night, Snoo rocks the baby and plays back soothing in-the-womb-like white noise. 

When the integrated microphones detect that the baby is crying, the bed starts jiggling the infant and increases the white noise until the crying stops, at which point it resumes the gentler rocking. Parents wishing to monitor or manually control the bed can do so via an app on their smartphone, using a Wi-Fi connection.

An optional organic cotton swaddle can be quickly wrapped around the baby and attached to the bed using built-in clips, to keep them safely lying on their back. There’s also an LED night light, the intensity of which is dictated by an ambient light sensor.

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