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Check to see if the product you’re researching had been certified by a third party.  If the certification mark looks suspicious — especially if there’s a spelling mistake, and contact the issuing test lab and confirm its authenticity. Beware of items that are “significantly less expensive” than comparable products,This may be an indication that shortcuts were taken during manufacturing. Samsung chose to self-certify under the CE mark for the Galaxy Note 7, rather than use UL or another recognized mark.

Not all safety certifications are equal. In Europe, companies are allowed to mark their products with the “CE” stamp if they have performed in-house testing and can prove (if asked) that their products conform to the applicable safety standards. It’s a process known as self-certification and it means that no independent third-party was involved in verifying the manufacturer’s claims. There’s no legal requirement for consumer products to be safety-certified by an independent third party, like UL


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