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The terrorist database used by global banks and intelligence agencies World-Check has reportedly leaked online.

The World-Check database was created to help banks avoid helping terrorists and contains details about people and organizations suspected of being involved in terrorism, organized crime and money laundering, among other offences. Access is supposed to be restricted under European privacy laws. The database’s creator, Thomson Reuters, has confirmed an unnamed third-party exposed an “out of date” version online. But it says the material has since been removed. Security researcher Chris Vickery said he discovered the leak. He notified the Register, which reported that it contained more than two million records and was two years old. Vickery says”As far as he know, the original location of the leak is still exposed to the public internet.Thomson Reuters is working feverishly to get it secured. The Thomson Reuters database is accused of falsely designating citizens and organisations as terrorists. Banks have used this data in whole or in part to shutter accounts, effectively locking people out of vast swathes of the global banking system. 




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