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Instagram posts suggest people in Hawai’i are among some of the most heated in the country.

A recent study analyzing Instagram posts with the hashtag #RoadRage led researchers to name Hawai’i as the state with the worst road rage in the nation.

Auto Insurance Center conducted the research to unveil which states had the highest rates of road rage and when.

August was listed as the worst month for angry drivers, with a spike in #RoadRage posts during the month. July was the month with the second highest levels, based on the hashtag, while October and March followed.

#RoadRage appeared on Instagram more often as the week went on, according to the study, with Sunday having the lowest number of posts. The peak appears to be on Friday, with an average of about 10,500 #RoadRage posts nationally.

The analysis shows #RoadRage posts increase throughout the morning and into the lunch hour before peaking in the early evening, or rush hour.

Researchers note that one reason for the high #RoadRage tags on Instagram by Hawai’i users could be the recent ranking of Honolulu as the third-worst traffic in the country and one of 10 states popular for tourists.

Honolulu ranked as the 22nd city in the country when it came to road rage in the same analysis.

California ranked second for #RoadRage posts. The top state for tourism sees more than its share of out-of-state drivers, along with some of the worst traffic congestion in the country. New York, New Jersey, and Nevada followed.


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