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With the continued rapid advancement of technology in the workplace we can expect changes in the way we work. Successful organizations are those which enable their people to accomplish more with technology. They create corporate cultures with new business processes which give employees the opportunity to adapt to advanced technology.

Key trends are imperative for digital success, reinforcing the fact that along with new technologies, people will be crucial to an organization’s success in the new digital landscape.


The next wave of automation solutions will gather large volumes of data across a range of different systems to create solutions weaving systems, data and people together. With new high-value roles related to programming, monitoring and machine maintenance.Intelligent automation will be a launch pad for new employee growth and innovation allowing them to complete more value driven tasks.


Leading organisations will use technology to enable an adaptable, change-ready and responsive liquid workforce. GE recently introduced a new approach called FastWorks, eliminating rigid approval processes which previously prevented employees from making changes to their projects or quickly switching direction.


Digital risks like data breaches and improper data handling are pervasive and organizations need to establish digital trust with their employees and their customers.

Focusing solely on delivering better cyber security won’t be enough to gain the trust of individuals, ecosystems and regulators – leading organizations will need to make digital ethics a core part of their organization. Platforms like Apple Pay and Health Kit have strong cyber security and ethics embedded to give customers confidence their digital footprints are secure and private.


By predicting disruption, organizations will be able to create new opportunities for people. Take Visa, for example, which has partnered with Accenture to envision the future of the connected car, one which embeds commerce into the Internet of Things. Consumers are able to place grocery orders with a single touch on the car dashboard and, thanks to Bluetooth sensors, by the time they arrive at the store the payment is completed and the goods are ready to go


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