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Drone Racing In Dubai

Event organizers say that the event has attracted interest from a number of cities and countries, ...

Event organizers claim that the World Drone Prix will be run on the first custom-built track ...

Layout of the aerial course for the 2016 World Drone Prix

Drone racing is  set to take place this coming weekend, the World Drone Prix will play host to pilots from all around the globe battling for US$1 million in cash prizes. Drone racing was an underground hobby practiced by drone owners in abandoned warehouses, empty car parks and remote forests. Last year, California State Fair played host to an unconventional but increasingly popular type of sporting event last week. The first international drone racing contest invited budding pilots from all around the globe to battle it out for the inaugural US National Championship and a slice of US$25,000 in cash prizes. The World Drone Prix is open to pilots from all across the globe, who can submit “American Idol” type qualification videos meeting certain guidelines to gain entry to the competition. This breaks down geographical and financial barriers and has led to a field of 150 competing teams from around the world. Thirty -two teams  will battle it out in the knockout-style main event on March 11 and 12. The organizers also claim that the 591 m (646 yd) aerial course, which tempts more ambitious pilots with several Mario Kart-like shortcuts, is the first custom-built track designed specifically with drone racing in mind.


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