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The algorithm that will re-order your timeline is based on the one that ranks tweets for the “while you were away” feature that Twitter introduced a year ago. When you Spend an entire day away from Twitter, and open the app again, you’ll see highlights from the day. If you open it up a few times a day, you’ll see a handful of “while you were away”-style sections breaking up the chronological tweets. And whenever you pull down to refresh your stream, it’s back to the regular, reverse-chronological timeline. the new timeline will also show you related posts for popular tweets. You will be allowed to opt out of the new timeline. Two users who have been testing the new timeline for a few months did not particularly liked it. One user said, “It tears conversations apart, and it’s really confusing when some people have been live-tweeting an event and those things get scattered all across my timeline. It makes it extremely hard to follow events, and destroys one of the core values of Twitter, in my opinion.”Analyst Ben Thompson wrote recently that an algorithmic timeline has been one of Facebook’s core advantages over Twitter, allowing it continue to grow rapidly as Twitter’s growth slowed.


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