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Philip M. Parker

The most published author in the history of the planet and claims 200,000 titles to his name, though Amazon puts the number at 107,566. Parker, born in 1960, doesn’t profess to have typed his way to his immense total, a collection that includes titles like The 2007-2012 Outlook for Public Building Stacking Chairs Excluding Bar, Bowling Center, Cafeteria, Library, Restaurant, and School Stacking Chairs in India. Parker’s secret to churning out all those books?—– For about 15 years Parker has owned a patent for computer software that writes books for him by employing info that’s publicly available.A 2008 profile in the New York Times said he generated his collection via those algorithms, six or seven programmers, and 60 to 70 computers. Most books aren’t actually printed until someone buys a copy, and there are many titles to choose from:

—Does he make a profit ?He doesn’t, or at least he said he didn’t in a 2008 Q&A.

How does Parker ensure that the materials his algorithms stitch together are copyright-free? If they aren’t, how does he ensure that his sources are properly cited?

Parker’s Patent


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