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GOOGLE is upgrading its quantum computer.AKA D-Wave, Google’s machine is jumping from 512 qubits—to more than a 1000 qubits..Together with NASA and the Universities Space Research Association, or USRA, Google operates its quantum machine at the NASA Ames Research center not far from its Mountain View, California headquarters. D-Wave signed a seven-year deal with Google, NASA, and the Universities Space Research Association to supply D-Wave’s quantum computers as part of an ongoing investigation to see whether they could be used as the next artificial intelligence platform.

Installation of a new D-Wave 2X system was recently completed. The system, now operational, includes a 1000+ qubit quantum processor. Quantum computers will use qubits, or quantum bits, which rely on laws of quantum mechanics to achieve various states. Google and its partners are still trying to figure out what is it capable of. But Google has said it’s confident there are situations where the D-Wave can outperform today’s non-quantum machines, and scientists at the University of Southern California have published research suggesting that the D-Wave exhibits behavior beyond classical physics. The D-Wave is not a general quantum computer for just any task.


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