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U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx made a major announcement on the future of vehicles at the New York City Joint Management Traffic Center. The Secretary revealed that New York City, Wyoming, and Tampa, FL will receive up to $42 million to pilot next-generation technology in infrastructure and in vehicles to share and communicate anonymous information with each other and their surroundings in real time, reducing congestion and greenhouse gas emissions, and cutting the unimpaired vehicle crash rate by 80 percent. –

New York City will install Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) technology in up to 10,000 city-owned vehicles; including cars, buses, and limousines, that frequently travel in Midtown Manhattan, as well as Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) technology throughout Midtown.  This includes upgrading traffic signals with V2I technology along avenues between 14th Street and 66th Street in Manhattan and throughout Brooklyn. Additionally, roadside units will be equipped with connected vehicle technology along the FDR Drive between 50th Street and 90th Street.

U.S. DOT made an additional commitment to empowering cities to solve congestion and safety issues with connected vehicle technology by awarding $17 million to solve peak rush hour congestion in downtown Tampa while protecting the city’s pedestrians by equipping their smartphones with the same connected technology being put into the vehicles.

In addition, the Department announced in May steps to accelerate road safety innovation, including a proposed rulemaking that will require the installation of V2V communications equipment in all new vehicles. The proposal is expected by the end of 2015. New cars with connected vehicle technology could be in our showrooms as early as 2016. –


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