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UK corporations and institutions, such as Lloyds Bank and BAE systems, have reported a “marked increase” in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks from the Bitcoin extortionist group DD4BC, which has been in operation since last year. The increased aggressions appears concurrent with reports from other organizations. A cybersecurity case study released by Akamai identified 114 DD4BC attacks against the company’s customers since April 2015, with 41 cases taking place in June alone. In comparison, there were only 5 attacks in January and February 2015.

DD4BC, a malicious group responsible for several Bitcoin extortion campaigns in 2014, has expanded its extortion and distributed denial of service (DDoS) campaigns to target a wider array of business sectors. An email informs the victim that a low-level DDoS attack is underway against the victim’s website. DD4BC then demands a ransom paid in bitcoins in return for protecting the site from the unleashing of a larger DDoS attack (as much as 400+ Gbps) that would take down the website.


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