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Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, which says that more than 300 million cars and over 2,800 million consumer devices are already online. By 2020, the number of objects connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to top 25 billion – not an unrealistic estimate considering that many household appliances now come with rudimentary online functions.

Hackers are not only after your computer, they’re after connected devices from cars to home security systems to sniper rifles and anything thats connected..

The fast growth in the ‘Internet of Things’ has opened up new opportunities for cyber attacks and new markets for cyber defenders.This is among the hot topics at a Black Hat computer security conference that kicks off in Las Vegas on Sunday and an infamous Def Con hacker gathering that follows.

Protecting gadgets in the Internet of Things is possible, but it would raise the price of smart gadgets while manufacturers prefer to keep prices low.Early glimpses have been provided of scheduled presentations about how to commandeer control of some Chrysler Fiat vehicles or accurately retarget self-aiming sniper rifles.

“The Internet of Things is definitely one of the big new frontiers,” said Christopher Kruegel, co-founder of cyber security firm Lastline and a professor of computer science at a state university in Southern California.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles issued a safety recall for 1.4 million US cars and trucks in July after hackers demonstrated that they could take control their systems while they are in operation. The recall came after cybersecurity experts Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek of the firm IOActive Labs remotely commandeered a Jeep Cherokee, made by Chrysler, to demonstrate the vulnerability of the vehicles’ electronic systems. While working from laptop computers at home, the two men were able to enter the Jeep’s electronics via its online entertainment system, changing its speed and braking capability and manipulating the radio and windshield wipers.After the report, Chrysler issued a free software patch for vulnerable vehicles even while saying it had no first-hand knowledge of hacking incidents.

Hacking smart watches, door locks, fitness bands, power meters, or other devices woven into the Internet of Things also carries the risk of hackers tapping troves of data gathered by sensors monitoring many aspects of a  person’s life.told Shopping for a kettle recently only to find he could buy one with Wi-Fi connectivity. Data from a home smart meter could reveal what types of devices are being powered inside as well as “when you have a cup of tea, make toast, or in most cases what TV show you are watching,” he said.


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