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The FCC said that T-Mobile users were unable to make 911 calls for a period of at least three hours due to a failure in their network, which resulted in a massive fine. This is the biggest fine that the FCC had ever issued to a major name in the cell phone industry here in the U.S. However, it is a move that didn’t surprise users at all. The carrier has been criticized for years for having amongst the worst coverage in the U.S. and regularly has ranked in the bottom two in terms of coverage. They found that more than 70% of all 911 calls are made via mobile devices. Removing the ability or individuals to make emergency phone calls from their mobile devices seriously challenges the long-term benefit of a mobile device. Making an emergency phone call is by far the most important function of the mobile device.

T-Mobile Was’nt The Only One Fined

The FCC fined Verizon $3.4 million in a similar suit, which alleged that California users were unable to reach 911 for an extended period of time, as well. It was noted that over 6,600 calls to 911 were missed thanks to this faulty network. Everything from domestic disputes, assaults, car accidents, and much more were missed because of this, and a major problem when it came down to defending T-Mobile.


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