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Reports are leading up to the fact that “Go Set A Watchman is seen as the first draft of Harper lee’s classic “To Kill A Mockingbird”. It appears that there are the same passages in both  books. Go Set a Watchman, chapter 1 and To Kill A Mockingbird chapter 28 contain the same identical sentences.

From Go Set a Watchman, chapter 1:

The county and the town were named for a Colonel Mason Maycomb, a man whose misplaced self-confidence and overweening willfulnessbrought confusion and confoundment to all who rode with him in the Creek Indian Wars.

From To Kill a Mockingbird, chapter 28:

Andrew Jackson appointed him to a position of authority, and Colonel Maycomb’s misplaced self-confidence and slender sense of directionbrought disaster to all who rode with him in the Creek Indian Wars.

Aunt Alexandra’s corsets

Jean Louise Finch, more recognizable as “Scout,” wonders about the corsets she sees her Aunt Alexandra wearing. Lee describes the effect they have on Alexandra’s figure. In Watchman, an omniscient narrator conveys Scout’s perspective, but Mockingbird is written in her voice.

Go Set a Watchman, chapter 3:

Jean Louise had often wondered, but never asked, where she got her corsets. They drew up her bosom to giddy heights, pinched in her waist, flared out her rear, and managed to suggest that Alexandra’s had once been an hourglass figure.

To Kill a Mockingbird, chapter 13:


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