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GE & Tweeting Ovens


GE has partnered up with IFTTT, which is “a service that allows users to connect Internet services and their devices using a simple statement formation —”if this”,” then that” here are a few formulations that General Electric has already created for its users:

  • If the oven is preheated, then send me a text message
  • If the oven is done cooking, then flash living room lights
  • If I leave the house, then turn off the oven
  • If smoke is detected, then turn off the oven

The possibilities don’t end with a simple if-this-then-that command. One of the more interesting ideas to emerge was “Pavlov’s fridge,” a Wi-Fi enabled lockbox in your refrigerator that unlocks snacks only upon completion of wearable technology-verified tasks like working out.

Whether for safety or social satiation, owners of GE’s newly connected ovens can interact with over 100 different channels, including FacebookInc (NASDAQ:FB), Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR), and Dropbox.


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