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Anthony Horowitz, is the author of the bestselling young adult series about a teenage spy, Alex Rider. This September Horowitz will bring back a James Bond Book “Trigger Mortis”. Trigger Mortis will be set in 1957, two weeks after the events of Goldfinger, placing Bond in the middle of the Soviet-American Space Race as the US prepares for a critical rocket launch. The plot also includes Fleming’s own treatment for an unfilmed episode of a television series, Murder on Wheels, in which Bond gets involved in a Formula One race in Nürburgring in Germany. This will kick off the action in Trigger Mortis. Horowitz the author of the best selling book Alex Rider who is a teenage spy said it had always been his intention “to go back to the true Bond.

Fleming’s niece Lucy Fleming, said “it was almost as if Ian had written [Trigger Mortis] himself”. Although novelists such as Jeffrey Deaver, Sebastian Faulks and William Boyd have all written authorised new Bond novels, Horowitz is the first to place his work directly within Fleming’s original work, and continue the adventures of one of the Bond girls created by the novelist, and to work with previously unpublished Fleming material. Lucy Fleming also said that Horowitz’s style is the closet to Ian’s style.


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