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Google’s patent describes a toy that will look at and talk to your kids, then update a remote media device, depending upon the child’s feedback.The inventor of the evil robot is named as Richard Wayne DeVaul, whose job title is “director of rapid evaluation and mad science” at Google X. He works in a secret Google lab that may or may not be filled with roving robots, space elevators and talking refrigerators”. he also jumped ship from Apple to Google.

An anthropomorphic device, perhaps in the form factor of a doll or toy, may be configured to control one or more media devices. Upon reception or a detection of a social cue, such as movement and/or a spoken word or phrase, the anthropomorphic device may aim its gaze at the source of the social cue.

In response to receiving a voice command, the anthropomorphic device may interpret the voice command and map it to a media device command. Then, the anthropomorphic device may transmit the media device command to a media device, instructing the media device to change state.

The patent suggests other forms the demon dolly could assume in order to lure a child into a false sense of security, noting it could take the form of a dragon or an alien.

Young children might find this attractive. However, individuals of all ages may find interacting with these anthropomorphic devices to be more natural than interacting with traditional types of user interfaces.

A patent filed earlier this year has raised ridiculous concerns that Google may be building a robot army. These robots may be loaded with distinctive personalities, which alarmists claim are designed to raise the youth of humanity once Google’s AI destroys all adults.

Google has not responded to The Register‘s inquiry about the integration of these distinct areas of research at the time of publication.

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