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Google’s driverless cars were involved in 11 minor accidents while tested on California’s roads over the past six years. The company released the number Monday after The Associated Press reported that Google had notified California of three collisions involving its self-driving cars since September. The reporting  of all accidents became a legal requirement as part of the permits for the tests on public roads. Google’s self-driving project director wrote that the 11 accidents were minor light damage and no injuries. Developers at Google and other traditional car makers fear accidents and the reaction to the first car-caused accident will set a precedent in terms of financial liability. As a result California law makes it extremely difficult for any  major companies or very wealthy individuals to test the cars. Each one requires $5 million worth of insurance. If a car in self-driving mode hits a pedestrian, the case becomes a matter of product liability. The driverless cars are required to record and store the last 30 seconds of a data before any accident


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