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How often you chat with someone using Facebook’s Messenger app is what the company determines how to place posts in your feed. If you haven’t chatted with someone in a while on Messenger, and then you start chatting again, posts from that person might appear higher in your news feed.

This information was shared by Facebook engineers during a session Wednesday during the company’s F8 conference in San Francisco.The algorithm Facebook uses to rank posts in people’s news feeds is complicated. If a user shares location data with Facebook, that is also taken into account. Friends who are geographically near may get more prominent placement.A user’s interests and his or her history of activity on Facebook may carry more weight.Some posts from Pages, however, may not always appear in users’ news feeds, if the posts don’t generate a lot activity on the site or if they’re overly promotional. Overall, some of the most important signals Facebook uses for its news feed ranking include the author of the post, the activity around it, and the type of content it includes, like a photo versus text. Photos tend to rank higher


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