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Unheard Of 3D Printouts



Take A Look At 3D Printing & The Medicine Field

3D Printed Hearing Aids

There are more than 10,000,000 3D printed hearing aids circulating worldwide. 3D printing technology has absolutely improved their manufacturing process. Previously it involved a 9 step process and a huge input of time, the technology shortened it to 3 steps: scanning, modeling, and printing. Moreover, one machine is able to produce 30 hearing aids in one hour and a half. The evaluation of 3D printing technology usage for hearing aids manufacturing was started way back in 1998. It is the actual revolution people have not heard about.



Soon if you break a hand or a leg, you can still keep your style. Seriously, Jake Evill a graduate from the Architecture and Design School in New Zealand, found a way how to substitute the old plasters.



In the picture above you can see aggregated embryonic stem cells after 24 hours (left) and after 48 hours (right). Artificial organs are still in the near future, but this achievement is extremely significant for drug testing purposes while using artificial human tissue or even printing cells directly inside the body.

3D printed blood vessels will help to transplant organs easier


Technology moves straight to artificial blood cell printing and represents the important step in the development of artificial organ transplants since the current generation of artificial organs lack the vascular network needed to function properly. Scientists from Germans’ Fraunhofer Institute use the particular technique that involves artificial biological molecules printed out with a 3D inkjet printer, then they form the shape of blood vessels. This technology is still quite imprecise for the fine structures of capillary vessels, so the scientists use the laser to zap the molecules and to form the material. Real blood vessels have two layers as well as the artificial ones, so they can form complex branching structures.



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