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In Egypt, students are using  mobile phone apps such as Rivet, in addition to old techniques such as writing on rulers, walls, uploading documents onto calculators, or placing such documents within a hijab, are some of the techniques that students have come to employ in order to help them engage in cheating on school exams. Some students spoke of using mobile phone apps such as WhatsApp and Viber, to move and transfer pictures and documents to one another via social media websites. Some students created internet websites detailing and instructing students on ways to engage in cheating on tests and exams, such as “Everything exists within our minds, except that which we use to cheat”, in addition to, “High School Vans”, which recently became famous as a source for leaked exams being made available hours before students were set to take them. Experts have called for preventative measures to be taken to stop students from using technology during test taking.

Talaat Amr, chairman of the Scientific Society for Telecom Engineers (SSTE), says  technology is a double-edged sword, with both positive and negative advantages, and what is important is the way in which such technology is used.

He called for awareness campaigns to be launched for the benefit of students, informing them of the positive potential of mobile phone applications and new technology, also emphasising the need for families to cut back on their consumption of various forms of technology.



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